Dr. Peter Haidekker

Dr. Peter Haidekker

Chief Surgeon & Implantologist

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Dr. Peter Haidekker

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Dr. Peter regularly attends at the annual conference of the International Team for Implantology.

He regularly attends at International Medical Conferences,  in connection with medical advances in the application of various brands of new implant technology.

Married with 3 children, his eldest daughter is a dental student at the prestigious Budapest Semmelweis University medical faculty. On graduation she will practice as a dental surgeon like her father. The Haidekker family will then have four generations of dental surgeons. Dr. Peter, his daughter, his mother and his great-grandfather!

Degrees and Education

MD Chief Surgeon and Implantologist, esthetic and prosthetic dentist.

Semmelweis University – Budapest, Hungary

In 1990 he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the prestigious Semmelweis University in Budapest and the University Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery.

Implantology Seminar

In 1992 Dr. Peter successfully completed an advanced application and principles of implantology seminar.

Bad Neuheim Bauer Implant

In 2010 Dr. Peter further refined his dental expertise with Implantology programmes at Bad Neuheim Bauer Implant. He is a fully certified Dental Surgeon for Bauer Direct implants.

Alpha Bio Implant Academy

2010 Dr Peter attended courses in Tel-Aviv at the world renowned Alpha Bio Implant academy.


Dr. Peter specializes in completely pain free dentistry, in particular the protection of sensitive teeth. In 2015 Dr.Peter successfully completed in excess of 400 pain free implant operations.

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