Once upon a time, if you lost a tooth due to an accident or severe decay, your options were somewhat limited. You could receive a partial denture to replace the missing tooth, which could certainly fill the gap in your smile while not being particularly convenient.

You could also simply live with the missing tooth, which can certainly affect your self confidence while placing additional stress on your remaining teeth.

These options are still available, and yet why would anyone choose these when affordable dental implants are available?

Dental Implants Are Incredibly Natural Looking


When the job is done, only you and your dentist will know.

Receiving your dental implant in Budapest is a straightforward process and costs much less than you might think!

It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but an affordable dental implant can easily fix that gap in your smile. But how does it work? During a visit to our state of the art dental clinic in Budapest, a metal screw is implanted directly into your jaw bone.

The tissues in your jaw bone actually grow around this implant, fusing it into place.

This process is known as osseointegration. The length of time required for this process to take place varies slightly from person to person, but once it has been completed, it’s time for the next step! 

Receiving Dental Implants in Hungary


A metal abutment is secured to the dental implant, which protrudes slightly from your gum. A prosthetic tooth is then bonded to the abutment, and then only you and your dentist will know that the tooth is false.

This prosthetic tooth has been created in a laboratory while the osseointegration process is taking place. It’s designed to be an exact replica of the tooth it will be replacing, and of course it will be colour matched to your existing teeth so that it will seamlessly blend into your smile.

There are a number of choices when it comes to the material of the prosthetic tooth, and our dentists will be happy to discuss these options with you.

This prosthetic tooth will not be subject to decay in the same way that a natural tooth can be.


Having said that, it’s still vital to ensure that you practice good oral hygiene so that you can keep your natural teeth and gums healthy, as degradation in your gums could perhaps destabilise the dental implant.

But with proper care, your dental implant can last for decades—even a lifetime!

While the process of receiving a dental implant is rather straightforward for an experienced dentist, the traditionally high cost has prevented many patients from being able to benefit from dental implants.

This is why it makes sense to travel to Hungary for the procedure, where the cost of world class dentistry is considerably lower.

Even when the cost of travel is factored in, you will still be saving a significant amount of money—while also being able to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


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