There are very few people in life who can go through life without getting a single dental cavity. While a simple cavity can very easily be corrected with a filling, there are times when the tooth degrades further. You might have not gotten to the dentist as soon as you should have, or you might not have noticed the cavity if it occurred on a rear tooth.

When the tooth begins to degrade, our dental clinic in Budapest can easily return it to its former glory, even making it much stronger than it was before. Dental crowns are fabricated to be an exact match for the tooth they will be covering, and they are simply fitted over the tooth and securely bonded.

Crowns for teeth can also be highly beneficial when a tooth has become chipped, or even if you have a misshapen tooth that you wish was a closer match to its neighbours. They can even hide a severely discoloured tooth that might be resistant to whitening.

Even with the surprisingly low cost of top quality dentistry in our Budapest clinic, you probably won’t want to have all your teeth covered with dental crowns.


You can be forgiven for thinking about this, since our dental crowns are extremely durable and are not affected by decay.

They are also resistant to staining and discolouration, so they will keep their pearly white shine without anything more than being brushed on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter what you might throw at them, your dental crowns will stay beautiful and healthy. It’s still important to maintain a high level of dental hygiene so that your gums stay in top notch shape, which will ensure the stability of your dental crowns.

A dental crown will essentially halt the process of decay and is totally painless and noninvasive. Any decay is removed from the tooth in question, and the surface of the tooth will have a fraction of its surface area removed in order to accommodate the crown. The crown itself will have been fabricated in a laboratory to be a perfect match for the tooth it will be covering (although in a much stronger and better looking condition).

The Crown is Then Bonded Over The Tooth And The Job is Done


A dental crown is highly effective at protecting a damaged tooth from degrading any further, heading off the need to have the tooth removed and replaced.

Many people might delay their need for a dental crown due to the cost, but the sheer affordability of dental care at our clinic in Budapest means that you won’t have to wait.

You will have a variety of options when it comes to the actual choice of materials for your dental crown, and our expert team will be happy to talk to you about the pros and cons of each of these choices.

And don’t forget that you will still be saving money with your world class dental care, despite the fact that you will be combining it with a short getaway to the Hungarian capital.


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