While our state of the art dental clinic is highly skilled at fixing even the worst of our patient’s dental issues, we feel that preventing these issues from occurring is the best course of action.

This dental conservation generally involves a minor procedure, depending on the nature of the problem. So what are the types of dental conservation procedures on offer at our friendly clinic?

The need for fillings is perhaps the most common aspect of dental conservation.

Receiving these dental fillings in Budapest is a highly cost effective option when multiple fillings are required.


You can also receive any necessary fillings while undergoing another dental procedure at our clinic. It’s certainly better to take care of everything at once! We pride ourselves on our gentle approach, and we know that cavities can occur seemingly regardless of your levels of dental hygiene.

Our tooth-coloured fillings will preserve the integrity of your teeth, preventing any further degradation.

In instances where a sizeable portion of the tooth has decayed and a traditional filling might not be sufficient, we can fix the issue with the use of dental inlays. This procedure can replace a missing section of the tooth that has been lost to decay. The inlay is fabricated in a laboratory and then securely bonded to the damaged tooth, restoring it to its former glory.

If the idea of receiving a root canal fills you with dread, then you’ve made the right decision by coming to our dental clinic in beautiful Budapest. Our gentle approach means that the procedure is quick and painless. The dead or dying internal nerve of the tooth (the root) is removed, which is highly effective when it comes to preventing recurring infection and further decay. The affected tooth is then traditionally secured with a dental crown, although our friendly team will be happy to discuss all your options with you.

We can also examine your back molars to look for signs of decay, as the grooves in these teeth is where this decay can commonly start.

A tooth-coloured plastic coating is applied to these teeth, adding an invaluable layer of protection against future decay.


This process is known as dental fissure sealing and essentially stops plaque from forming in the grooves of your teeth, meaning that the plaque acid will not be able to affect the health and integrity of your teeth.

Our professional team can also take the opportunity to discuss your at-home dental care with you, in the event that you might not be using the best possible tools to preserve the health of your teeth.

Our dental clinic can work wonders, and yet it’s always best to do everything you can to ensure that your own natural teeth last a lifetime, meaning that you will only ever require minimal dental conservation work, as opposed to a more intensive tooth replacement.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about just what we can do for your teeth at our Budapest clinic.


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